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WANDER THROUGH is an applications which allows you to walk through out any 3D digital model of any building or structure. You can also observe the model, see detailes, feel scale of a model. Actually, this is the same thing as you are walking through real building or real structure.
There a lot of buildings or structures in the world which are too far from you or they will never be exist any more, because of time or they have been demolished. But some of them are very important for understanding of architecture or human history. Now, when you are not able to visit these monuments, you can just load this app.
First one free app is available in Google Play:
This is our icon:

Another thing is, that you do not need regular computer. Tablet or smartphone is enough for this app. So, you can have a lot of models of buildings in your pocket. And see them any time you want.
Next step is that we do not devide 3D model of any building and application to see this model. The engine is already installed and once you loaded the model you have full access to all options of menu.

If you are an architect or just big fan of architecture we suppose you will enjoy these apps!

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