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Overview of the menu

Once you load and open the app, you can see blue sign WT in the left corner on the bottom of the screen.

Just tap this sign for menu.

The menu bar appears on the bottom of the screen. If you want to close menu, just tap WT sign again.
Menu buttons from the left to the right:
Jump - if you need jump while you are walking or standing. Little bit longer tap - you jump little bit higher.
Walk - here is four different modes: walk, run, fast run and squatting. Tap a few times for change these modes.
Play - small movie prepared for fast overview of the model.
Settings - a lot of interesting things inside. See one of next posts.
Languages - mostly for information system for professional version.
Horizon - aligning view horizontally. Or you can view up and down swiping your finger on the screen.
Joystick - you are walking using joystick on the screen or inclining your device.
Last button on the right side - backspace on menu or exit of the app.
Some of these buttons will be described carefully in a few next posts.

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